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A History of Success

Excellent Seams was started by Gladys Quintanilla. Gladys started to sew at the age of six. Her first customers were her dolls. As she cut and seamed the dresses, she dreamed with one day create real outfits for real children. However, she put her passion aside when she grew up, at the age of 14, she had to work to support her sick mother who only counted with her. Every day, she dreamed with the chance to design clothing. However, she knew of the pain that her mother was suffering. Therefore, she completely stopped the passion she loved for clothing. At the age of 17, she had to fully work and help her mother in her last days.

After her mother was gone, Gladys met her husband and was blessed with her two children. Michelle and Giovanny brought her the lost inspiration for children’s clothing, which was taken away by the pain that she had to go through with her mother. For the first time, she was sewing for real children. She delighted herself by doing dresses for Michelle and bubbles for Giovanny. She felt that life awarded her the sacrifice she did when she stopped to help her mother. 

The love for her children pushed her to one day start offering her dresses to the public. Gladys, with one sewing machine, started the adventure of her business. Now, Gladys has grown from a home base business to a vibrant factory. She feels thankful that after going thought all the challenges, she now has the opportunity to enjoy her life next to her family. She firmly believes that is great to have dreams, but it is even better to live them. Therefore, she thinks that anyone with a dream can work for it to make it a reality.


Become the largest and specialized company in clothing with refined finishing in El Salvador. We want to be recognized for our social responsibility and professionalism of our collaborators and for our contribution to our society and environment.


We are a trust-able source to fulfill the expectations of our customers in their clothing needs with excellent quality and aesthetics, providing good service to our customers, collaborators and suppliers.

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Integrated Services

Picture management capabilities for faster selling characteristics.

Clothing diversification which allow to serve customers in different market segments.

Quick response and distribution services that provides fast order delivery to your customers.

Specialized solutions for inventory control to maintain your investment.

Data analysis for better business decision making.

Dedicated facilities for inventory and packing to save cost in warehousing.

Lean production process that reinforces the quality of your brand.

Manufacturing integration: cutting, sewing, embellishment, manufacturing, inspection, cleaning, and packaging.


Our company's philosophy is based on the following work:


In Excellent Seams, we care about our members. We ensure that each one has the tools to work. We avoid all activities that may threaten the wellbeing of our members. Furthermore, all workers are paid their full wages. The level of output is the normal level that a worker can do in an eight hours shift. Moreover, our installations count with clean water and bathrooms. This is mentioned as many competitors have their installations with no bathrooms, no clean water, do not pay extra hours, and do not provide lunch or break time. Our policies make a difference in the work life of our workers, which we believe that is transformed into quality garments for our customers. Our facilities are located in El Salvador.


We are committed to support all national and international provisions that preserve and protect the environment, acting responsibly with national and international mandates. This ensures that all the people working in our company and our customers enjoy a healthy product and environment.

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