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Here is where we cut the pieces. We check on the fabric to take out defects such as stains, color shades so final garments are consistent and your customer is happy with the garments.


We put together the garments in a production cell. This enables consistency in sewing and finishing fast pieces for on time delivery. 

Hand Smocking and Embroidery

This is the embellishment of the garment. It takes great skill to make the beautiful artwork that goes into the pieces and make it distinctive for your brand and customers

Applique and Machine Embroidery

Another embellishment process to add to the garment and make it look cute, distinctive for your brand and customers. 

Product Development

Here is where we put together the know-how to make the garments. We check each garment to make sure the fitting is correct and the garment looks perfect when wearing, creating for your customer that the garment fits well. 

Final Processes

Here is where we make the button hole, hem and we put the buttons on the garment. 

Inspection and Packaging

We inspect the garments each one. We really work hard on sending the correct garments so your customers have the best experience with your brand.


Keeping inventory on hand is key to fulfilling your orders.


Good maintenance makes great garments. We keep our equipment in excellent conditions so we can serve you fast, reliable, and you can count with us to put your ideas together.

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